Virtual Multichannel number is a virtual number that allows to call and receive calls in several directions simultaneously. All the received calls forward to mobile/landline phone, Skype(free) or SIP(free).

     Virtual Multichannel number is perfect solution for all the types of businesses that make and receive a large amount of calls(call centres, promotion, customer support). Such numbers unite all the telecommunications of a company into a system. More than that it can join mobile and landline numbers of specialist that work remotely. Do you have a start up but don’t have an office yet? It is no more a problem. Your co-workers can be in different offices, cities or even countries but never the less you will be joined with virtual Multichannel number.

     Do you still hesitate to take a virtual multichannel number? Here several reason to stop doing this. Virtual numbers

  • Increase customer care

  • unite all the workers(office and remote) a single system

  • give you workers an opportunity to work and travel at the same time

  • make possible to hire distant workers

  • allow to process large amount of calls

  • save money on office

  • provide an opportunity to transfer phone number and keep after moving