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       International calling services.


       Low rates for International calls! Answer calls anywhere in the world and let your customers and friends call you wherever you are!


       Number to forward calls has been designed for the caller not to pay for high-price international calls. Choose your own toll free or local number in more than 90+ countries and forward your calls anywhere! Your US number to forward calls will be activated in just several minutes and you can try our services for 1 hour for free! You’ll enjoy the convenience of the addtional services like real-time call records, voicemail-to-email service, call forwarding to multiple numebrs and all the other smart features that are provided along with the international calling services.


       You can use a call services for business to be sure your main phone number always rings to your main office, no matter where it may be located.


       So what are the benefits of International Call forwarding?


       For the companies who want to start working in other countries, it is very important to have the international call-forwarding service. It gives your clients an opportunity  to call you anytime and to pay for it due to the local rates or call you for free if you use 800 call forwarding.


       As a result you can create the visibility of your company location in any country you need. Customers would be happy to see the local number of their country instead of a foreign one.


       The usage of the International Call Forwarding will also give you the opportunity to receive international calls without the installation of the expensive equipment and sophisticated software.


       It does not also require to have a local office or local employees to take calls or your presence at the office.


       You are free in your movements! Remote call forwarding allows you to configure call diverting simply and fastly via convenient web interface or by email request.The changes apply instantly.


       The calls can be routed to any mobile or landline phone number, SIP account.


       The call diverting configuration is  flexible. For example it is possible to forward calls during the day while you are working on your PC and to forward calls to cell phone after work.


       Get your own toll free or local number in any country, and forward your calls anywhere.