HOW TO BUY A NUMBER - Almostfreecalls


It is very easy to setup the virtual phone number!


All you need to do is:

-register at our web site;

-click “Buy number” button;

-choose the country you need the number from;

-choose the city of the number;

-choose the redirection type(phone, SIP);

-click “Continue” button;

-enter the “Airtime” amount - it is the additional amount which will be added to your account balance to pay for the call forwarding and other additional services;

-then please click “Show payment methods” and choose the one you need to use and click “Continue”;

-you will be redirected to the payment server where you will need to enter your personal information for the payment to be made;


Please note that some numbers require the address approval to be activated successfully. You will need to send scan of the required documents to our e-mail which can be obtained from “Contacts” section at our web site.

Some numbers may take up to 24 hours after the payment has gone through to be activated and some of them will be activated instantly.


Be advised to contact our Support Team to specify when the number will be activated.