VIRTUAL NUMBER - Almostfreecalls


       Sometimes, you need to frequently call up with people abroad.

       There can be a huge set of reasons to do this. But here are the most common ones:

1. Someone of your family has gone abroad to study

2. You want to set up or expand your business abroad, but that is not profitable to shoot an office there.

3. You often change the location of your office and do not want to constantly change the contact numbers.

       The solution is Local Phone Number ( DID number) !

VoIP phone number is invented to save money on calls and to avoid renting office abroad! It works on the call forwarding basis so you can forward and distribute calls by the given scheme or use Interactive Voice Response. It will also improve your customer service quality as your clients don’t have to wait online and your employees can respond the call immediately. Virtual number will help you to unite all your offices and to low costs for international communication between your offices even in different cities or countries, .

Almostfreecalls have huge list of countries you can get virtual number from (more than 80). We provide SMS , Fax and Toll-Free numbers!


Along with your call forwarding number we will provide you with Personal Account at our website which allows you to change destination point all calls are redirected to. For example, change it from a landline phone service in the daytime to a mobile phone in the evening.  The changes apply instantly.